Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adventure Time: Ballina

This week I've been at Byron Bay which is possibly the most boring place on earth. It makes it even worse knowing that it's holidays and my friends are in Sydney having fun without me! Two good things that have come out of this trip were that I took some photos for the first time in so long! I'll put some down below when I'm done writing :) The second good thing is that I managed to start and finish a 1500 word essay with footnoting and a synopsis and the best bibliography I have ever done :D I know it sounds like the usual work, but it was a research task and I'm still in high school so it was pretty much the most stressful thing. I might add that my Grandma has a new puppy who is either being yelled at, biting you or crying. So a couple of trips to the Ballina Library was the place to be!

Anyway here are the photos I took. Actually not all of them, some are still on my camera, but these are the main ones anyway :)