Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Body of Work... That you don't get to see yet

Working on my HSC (Higher School Certificate) has been a roller coaster of... yes, emotions. On the onset I was enthusiastic and ready for anything. Except I didn't have an idea yet. Now I'm one of those people that doesn't really have a clue until their certain. So needless to say, the flesh and detail of the idea, adolescence in transition, formed within 10 minutes post deciding it. The idea for the tank (which is symbolic of restraints on growing children in todays society, and how, what was once a protective bubble, is now a shell too small, needing to be shed in order to find a bigger one) occurred so rapidly that I cannot even tell you what inspired me. 

Finally I had a concept. Although it had the black cloud of 'annoying things I need to find and then have enough money to buy' looming menacingly overhead. Thankfully my dad works in the advertising industry, and by talking to the right people, my concept seemed doable after all.

While I don't know if I want to post my 'final' images on this blog (I'm very proud and don't want anyone stealing them), but here are the initial test shoots, where it is evident the fact of reflections had not yet occurred to me. My biggest struggle, along with my photography teacher saying my sister looks "too pretty" in many of the images. Great. Didn't see that coming either.

Enjoy xx
Eva Masterton

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back to Basics

 Sometimes when we take photos, or paint pictures we forget that less is more. 
Something simple is refreshing and beautiful. 
And so are my new lights!

Here are some test shots after unpacking and setting them up!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Youth In Transition

Okay, so this has happened before, but I lost my post that I spent ages writing. But basically these are a few test shots for my Higher School Certificate Body of Work.
These shots are not extremely conceptually strong yet, because they are only a test for lighting and pressure against glass. 

The model is my younger sister who is at the age that is extremely confronting and confusing. There are so many questions buzzing around her head, things like, am I allowed to talk to boys? Am I allowed to talk about boys? How should I dress? Am I a teenager yet? And of course, the many "what the hell is happening to my body and feelings?!" question that we all go through in adolescence. 

My sub-focus in this is innocence. 
Please let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas on how to improve these!

Eva Masterton Photography

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Adventure Time: Sydney City

Ok so this is my first time taking photos of a guy, so there aren't very many photos! I was taken into the city by Sam, (the male model) who showed me some awesome places around the city! Some I had seen before and others were great little places I never knew existed! We found an awesome ally that had bright blue clouds on the floor and walls as you will see in the photos. It was a great day, and by the time I got home it was dark! I hadn't even realised how long I spent walking around the city!

Anyway I took a couple of photos, and they aren't that great because I was shy to take photos of a guy and Sam was also a little shy. But he was great anyway :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adventure Time: Ballina

This week I've been at Byron Bay which is possibly the most boring place on earth. It makes it even worse knowing that it's holidays and my friends are in Sydney having fun without me! Two good things that have come out of this trip were that I took some photos for the first time in so long! I'll put some down below when I'm done writing :) The second good thing is that I managed to start and finish a 1500 word essay with footnoting and a synopsis and the best bibliography I have ever done :D I know it sounds like the usual work, but it was a research task and I'm still in high school so it was pretty much the most stressful thing. I might add that my Grandma has a new puppy who is either being yelled at, biting you or crying. So a couple of trips to the Ballina Library was the place to be!

Anyway here are the photos I took. Actually not all of them, some are still on my camera, but these are the main ones anyway :)

Friday, 20 April 2012


Ok so basically I already wrote this post but I lost it. I said that I hardly took any shots and I was lazy on this trip. Afterwards I chose some photos and realised I had far more than I had remembered taking. This has never happened! I usually think I took heaps then it will turn out I took 3. So yeah heres a small amount of the many photos I took in Koh Samui, Thailand :)