Monday, 9 January 2012

A Study of Surrealism by Eva Masterton

My photography assignment from year 10. The brief was to experiment with surrealism. Took only only night to shoot, in the middle of winter. My model (lili) was so brave hopping in this unheated pool! Very grateful to her, of course. The mark I received for this task was 100% so needless to say I'm pretty happy with how it went :)
Enjoy your week!
Evie xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Morning Boredom

Untitled #1

By Me (mummydaddyme)

Flat Lagoon

Taken by Me (mummydaddyme)

Byron Bay
Where mermaids live?

Mummy, Daddy, Me. xx

Siren on Land?

Model: Georgia
Taken by Eva Masterton (mummydaddyme)
Parsley Bay.
Navy blue jumper: Factorie
Black dress, singlet cut: Witchery

Mummy, Daddy, Me. xx

Just some sketch of mine

Butterfly Bow 1.0

Based on another work, and coloured on the computer.

Butterfly Bow 1.1

Coloured dress, yes or no?

Mummy,  Daddy, Me xx